The Drowned Earth: Shanatt - engl.

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Earning his freedom from the Thuule slave pits, Shanatt was a famous gladiator in his day. His specialty was the chain and hook, and to this day it's his weapon of choice, while eschewing ranged weapons.

No one knows exactly where Shanatt came from, but his accent suggests his homeland was somewhere in the Khermian League - one of the great empires vying for supremacy in the Thousand Islands. Before his fame as a pit fighter, he was probably a common slave who was sold to the Thuule masters if he showed physical promise or bravery. He's surprisingly calm and light-footed for his size, and his fighting style consists of avoidance and cobra strikes.

Upon exiting the slave pits, he was not granted the privilege of keeping his favored weapons. Instead, he fashioned a new chain and hook from a stolen anchor chain and the claws of a large yuttaraptor-like beast he was said to have defeated with his bare hands in the eastern highlands.

The truth of this is a matter of speculation, but it would be unwise to voice such doubts within earshot of Shanatt, who isn't known for his easy-going attitude.

Shanatt, Bondsman Scout, is a multipart metal 35mm scale Wargaming miniature. The model is lead free and comes with a 30mm socket and profile Card.

  • Material: Metal
  • Game System:

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