The Drowned Earth: Ravanna - engl.

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Civilization just doesn't suit everyone. Ravana grew up in Tartouf, running around with the gangs before setting out for a solitary life in the wilderness. Most townspeople think that's suicide, and for most townspeople that would be correct. However, Ravanna had an almost animal talent for silent, stealthy movements. In the jungle she really came alive, connected to every sound and detail, felt connected to the jungle on a primordial level, as comfortable as if she had been born into it.

But to say she is "one with nature" would be to overlook her insatiable, predatory instincts! Her favorite way to be "one with nature" would be to have a full stomach. Preferably something she brutally killed! For several years she avoided all contact with other people, cared for medicinal and recreational herbs and mushrooms, jealously guarded her territory and attacked anyone - animal or living being - who ventured there.

And so she killed a group of slaves running from the Plantation Council, and Limossk and his crew were hot on their heels. When they arrived, they found Ravanna in the midst of a literal heap of corpses, and in return, Lakassk made her an offer she couldn't refuse: a job offer.

Ravanna, Bondsman Mech, is a multipart metal Wargaming miniature in 35mm scale. The model is lead free and comes with a 30mm socket and profile Card.

  • Material: Metal
  • Game System:

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