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Proud, resentful, arrogant; All of these words could be used to describe Kaneda Griss, the leader of The Firm's infamous "River Crew." But Kaneda is, by and large, just a minion. A disappointing son of a powerful underboss, Kaneda was sent to Skyton to deal with him.

If there was one aspect of Kaneda's personality that his father was truly proud of, it was that his son was tough, but in every other respect he was a disappointment.

His father wanted to train him to be his successor, but it was clear early on that the best kind of intelligence Kaneda could master was some kind of lowly cunning.

His father was the master of control through deliberate violence. Kaneda was an angry thug.

Underboss Griss was a subtle tactician, carefully calculating how to improve his position and capitalize on his chances. Kaneda was impulsive and greedy.

Perhaps worst of all, in his father's eyes, Kaneda never had the ambition or vision to leave his father's house and do anything for himself. Instead, he lounged around, picked fights, engaged in petty theft and murder for petty reasons.

So to the River Crew with him - a gang of misfits and psychopaths who are useful but need to be kept at bay. Kaneda knows the trick all too well and all too often uses it on his people.

For all his failings as a leader, Kaneda is a shrewd fighter well suited to taking command of a group as wild and dangerous as The River Crew.

Kaneda Mounted, Leader of The Firm is a multipart metal wargaming miniature in 35mm scale. The model is lead free and comes with a 30mm socket and profile Card.


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