The Drowned Earth: Lakassk - engl.

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How Lakassk got into the "Missfit crew" is a question he keeps asking himself. By the standards of others, he's actually quite normal. It's likely that Lakassk was seen as a tactical necessity given their ruthless nature: its Nova Cannon is certainly not the most subtle of weapons, but it's definitely a useful one. Firing flash grenades, Lakassk is able to support even the most ruthless attacks with a covering fire: and considering the company generally eschews heavy armor, that's a boon indeed.

Kaneda, of course, is unaware of this fact. As usual, his arrogant self-obsession means he gives no credit to Lakassk for saving his overprivileged butt time and time again. That fact irks Lakassk as much as one might expect, but it's Lissz's appreciation that he really craves.

Unfortunately, he is misunderstood there too. Lissz is stealthy enough not to need his protection, though sensible enough to recognize his important role within the crew. Whether she notices and ignores his romantic advances or is unaware of them is something Lakassk ponders far too much of the time.

Lakassk, Firm Mech is a multipart metal Wargaming miniature in 35mm scale. The model is lead free and comes with a 30mm socket and profile Card.


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