The Drowned Earth: Kassel - engl.

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Kassel: the underboss of the "Five Lakes Syndicate", the organization that runs all organized crime operations in the Five Lakes District and much of the Great Lagoon Network. All who operate out of the Gilded Viper, a drinking establishment in Skyton's undertown, tremble at the thought of his attention. He is feared, and with good reason. Recklessness is part of the territory, but Kassel doesn't tolerate failure, with one exception: Kaneda - the son of Kassel's own boss.

This is a situation that Kassel deeply detests as he feels his position is being undermined by having to tolerate Kaneda Griss's incompetence and disobedience. Perhaps this frustration explains his occasional outbursts of nuclear violence and his accuracy with the rest of his staff. Cold, ambitious and alarmingly good at hand-to-hand combat, Kassel trains every day in his private dojo, though he rarely takes to the field.

Kassel: A tough disciplinarian, Kassel can injure his own crew to guarantee command orders! Meanwhile, he's devastating on offense and can break in and out of the fight at will.

Kassel, is a multi-part metal Wargaming miniature in 35mm scale. The model is lead free and comes with a 40mm base, Leader ability and profile Card.


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