The Drowned Earth: Kalen - engl.

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Known as a trader and traveling mechanic, Ponya is not often found in fighting gangs like the Militia. However, Ulaya is a dangerous place, and those who fail to protect themselves against its dangers soon become victims. Kalen was born into a merchant caravan that roamed much of the Five Lakes District and The Wash. But the life of a merchant was never really in her soul. Every time her family passed through Skyton, she was struck by the laid-back cool of the city militia, who were far more professional and better equipped than city militias in most other places of a similar size.

Mischievous, adventurous, and fearless, Kalen is something of a go-getter, preferring a jetpack to help her leap great distances, steal treasure, or set sneaky traps when needed. A soldier's life is one of violence, however, and a gentle soul, Kalen only kills as a last resort. Because of this, her weapon of choice is a big Glop Cannon that fires a rapidly expanding gooey substance that glues her enemies to the ground and slows their movement until they fight their way out of the gooey mess.

A valued member of the militia crew, Kalen is usually the first to volunteer for dangerous salvage or reconnaissance missions and has been instrumental in the success of a number of militia operations.

Kalen, Militia Trickster is a multi-part, lead-free metal miniature that comes with a 30mm plastic base.

  • Material: Metal
  • Game System:

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