The Dark Pilgrim

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In the shadowed realms where the Dark Pilgrim roams, whispers of chaos and fury intertwine with the essence of lightning. A solitary figure, neither bound by allegiance nor tethered to honor, she exists as a tempest of rage and destruction.

To those who cross her path, she is a harbinger of tumult, a force of nature unleashed upon the world. With each step, lightning crackles in her wake, heralding the imminent chaos that follows. For the Dark Pilgrim knows no mercy, no restraint – only the unbridled fury that courses through her veins.

In her words, lightning is not merely a force of nature – it is rage, it is destruction, it is death. It burns what is soft and shatters what is hard, leaving naught but scorched earth and broken dreams in its wake. It wipes clean all before it, an unstoppable force that brooks no resistance.

And so, the Dark Pilgrim roams the land, a solitary figure bathed in the flickering glow of lightning's fury. To those who dare to stand against her, she offers only one warning: beware the storm, for in its wake lies only devastation and despair.

Blister contains one miniature supplied with a 30mm base and 2 full colour Cards.

Note: This model is made of resin.


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