The Cult of Yurei Starter Set

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In the shadows and dark corners of the world, the worshipers of Yurei gather. The many members of this cult may not even be aware that they serve the same dark masters, but they do serve them - the Yurei Treaty, which in its various forms allows control of life and death, has proved a temptation for many different people proven that otherwise would have nothing in common. In the Cult of Yurei, you may consider yourself the master of your own destiny, but you always advance the unfathomable goals of dark, unseen masters. Even a puppeteer has someone pulling his strings...

The box contains five miniatures that come with 30mm bases and ten full color English cards.


  • Yama Uba Miniature & Card
  • The Penanggalan Miniature & Card
  • Ibara Miniature & Card
  • Risu Miniature & Card
  • Umeka Miniature & Card
  • 1 theme card
  • 2 upgrade cards (1 equipment)
  • 2 event cards


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