Textured Rolls

Texture rolls emboss a continuous pattern in modeling clay or on other materials such as Styrofoam.

Welcome to our category "Structure rollers for tabletop"! Here you will find a diverse selection of high quality texture rollers designed specifically for tabletop modelling and the creation of miniatures, terrain pieces and game boards. Whether you are a tabletop beginner or an experienced modeller, our texture rollers offer you the opportunity to create unique and impressive textures and patterns on your creations.

Texture rollers are a practical and versatile tool that allow you to create realistic surface textures such as cobblestones, bricks, wooden planks or rock in no time at all. These rollers are made from high quality material and feature carefully designed embossments that leave a detailed and even texture on your models. They are easy to use and are suitable for beginners and experienced tabletop modellers alike.

In our tabletop texture roller category, we offer a wide range of different designs and sizes so you can find just the right texture roller for your project. Our texture rollers are compatible with various modelling materials such as Green Stuff, Milliput or Fimo and are ideal for designing terrain parts, play plates or individual conversions of your miniatures.

To achieve the best results with your texture roller, we recommend that you first apply the modelling clay to the desired surface and spread it evenly. You can then moisten the texture roller with a little water or release agent to prevent the modelling clay from sticking. Roll the texture roller carefully and evenly over the modelling clay to transfer the texture. After the clay has dried, you can paint and finish your creation.

Explore the many possibilities offered by our tabletop texture roller category and transform your miniatures, terrain pieces and game boards into unique and detailed works of art. We are always looking to expand our range of texture rollers and accessories to provide you with the best tools for your tabletop hobby. Check back regularly to make sure you don't miss any new products or special offers, and sign up for our newsletter to receive exclusive discount offers and news straight to your inbox.

Have fun browsing our "Texture Rollers for Tabletop" category and enjoy your creative Projects!

Base design and terrain done professionally!
Sanded and tufted bases are classics, not only for Games Workshop miniatures. If you want to go a step further and individualize your minis and your whole army they need a life-like floor!

Whether it's the city guards standing on cobblestones, monks on a floor inlaid with sacred designs, or the wizard in his quarters adorned with arcane runes. There are coherent structure rollers for residents of foreign worlds and chaos supporters as well as for fierce northmen (and their descendants in the future), nature-loving elves and other peoples!

Your Age of Sigmar army as well as your Warhammer 40,000 squads and all other skirmish and crowd systems benefit from a matching base design that gives your favorite tabletop army a unified look!

And you don't have to stop there - we have a large selection ready for your terrain design: structural rollers with shingles & bricks, classic floor coverings such as wooden planks and paving stones in all possible laying forms, which will make your tabletop gaming table an absolute highlight.

Such lovingly designed details don't have to cost you more time!
An example using Green Stuff as modeling clay and a textured roller:
1. Knead the two components of the Green Stuff well until you get an even green color (without mottling or lumps).
2. Prepare the base(s) on which your models will later stand
3. Apply a 1-2mm thick layer of Green Stuff to the base by evenly flattening/rolling part of the mass on the base with your finger/palm or a smooth roller
4. The layer should not protrude beyond the base edge. You can remove all overhangs - e.g. with a craft knife - and reuse them immediately
5. Use a release agent on the textured roller (e.g. soapy water) so that nothing sticks
6. Roll the desired texture roller over the base to leave a pattern
7. If you are satisfied, let the base dry and then cut off the excess green stuff with a knife
8. You can make corrections by smoothing them out with a wet finger
9. After drying, you can attach your miniature to the designed base with pins or simply glue it
If your mini is still untreated, you can now prime and paint both together
Alternatively, you can prime and paint the base individually and finally glue on your already painted miniature

There are different approaches to ease of use, and you can choose between normal structured rollers made of one piece, with a handle or attached to a rolling pin - similar to a rolling pin in the kitchen.

In order to achieve an even thickness of the medium to be structured, silicone guide rings (available for the normal structure rollers) are useful.

Texture rolls are available in different sizes, from approx. 10cm in length to approx. 30cm in length. These are also available in different pattern depths. Thus, there is something for almost all base and terrain sizes and in terms of design, hardly any wishes remain unfulfilled.

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