TerrainCrate: GMs Dungeon Starter Set

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Embark on an epic tabletop RPG adventure with this incredible set, meticulously crafted to elevate your gaming experience to new heights. Whether you're a seasoned dungeon master or a novice explorer, this collection has everything you need to bring your campaign to life.

Dive into the depths of a sprawling dungeon filled with peril and wonder, where every corner hides secrets waiting to be unearthed. With an abundance of terrain pieces, you can construct intricate landscapes that immerse your players in the world you've created. From winding corridors to foreboding chambers, no detail has been overlooked.

But what's an adventure without heroes to lead the way? Fear not, for this set includes four valiant champions, each with their own unique abilities and backstories, ready to face whatever challenges lie ahead. Whether they're stalwart warriors, cunning rogues, powerful mages, or devout clerics, these heroes are the embodiment of courage and determination.

Of course, no dungeon would be complete without its denizens, and this set boasts a diverse array of minions to test your party's mettle. From savage orcs to relentless undead, each adversary presents its own set of challenges, forcing your heroes to think on their feet and adapt to ever-changing circumstances.

But the ultimate challenge awaits in the form of a towering dragon, a fearsome beast of legend whose mere presence strikes fear into the hearts of even the bravest adventurers. Will your party have what it takes to overcome this formidable foe and emerge victorious, or will they fall beneath the dragon's fiery breath?

With this comprehensive set, the only limit is your imagination. So gather your friends, roll the dice, and prepare for an unforgettable journey into the heart of darkness. The fate of the realm hangs in the balance, and only you and your party can determine its Outcome.


  • 10x Plastic doors
  • 4x PVC heroes
  • 9x PVC undead miniatures
  • 9x PVC Orc miniatures
  • 1x PVC Dragon
  • And an incredible 69 PVC terrain pieces!

Models supplied unpainted but assembled.


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