TerrainCrate: Dungeon Debris

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Explore the forgotten depths of dungeons long abandoned, where the passage of time has left its mark in the form of decay and desolation. These once-grand halls now lie in ruin, their majestic architecture crumbling beneath the weight of neglect and obscurity. Yet, amidst the debris and decay, there lies a beauty of a different kind, a haunting allure that speaks of the mysteries and dangers that lurk within.

In the shadows of these forsaken halls, crates and barrels lie scattered haphazardly, their contents long since plundered or left to rot. Once filled with treasures and provisions, they now serve as little more than makeshift obstacles, hindering the progress of any who dare to tread these haunted corridors.

Debris litters the floors, broken stone and shattered wood bearing witness to the ravages of time and the toll of countless battles. What was once a grand staircase now lies in ruin, its steps cracked and worn from years of neglect. Fallen statues lie in pieces, their once-proud visages now obscured by the dust of ages.

But amidst the ruins, life stirs in the form of vermin, scurrying and squeaking as they search for sustenance in the darkness. Rats dart from shadow to shadow, their beady eyes gleaming with hunger as they feast on the scraps left behind by careless adventurers.

With this set, you can bring the desolation of these forgotten dungeons to life, creating a haunting backdrop for your own adventures. Whether you're delving into the depths in search of treasure or uncovering the secrets of the past, the ruins of these dungeons hold endless possibilities for those brave enough to explore them. So gather your companions, light your torches, and prepare to journey into the heart of darkness. The ruins await, and with them, the promise of untold riches and unspeakable Horrors.

This set contains 24 pre-colored plastic terrain pieces, including:

  • 2 brown wood piles
  • 2 brown crate stacks
  • 2 brown crates
  • 4 brown rubble barricades
  • 4 brown rubble piles
  • 2 brown skulls
  • 2 brown rat swarms
  • 2 brown rats

Supplied assembled and unpainted. Miniatures are shown for scale purposes only and are not included.


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