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In the chaos of war, amidst the clash of swords and the roar of battle, it is essential to maintain focus on the ultimate goal. With this set of characterful objectives, you can bring new depth and narrative richness to your games of Vanguard or Kings of War, ensuring that every skirmish is not just a clash of armies, but a tale of heroism, sacrifice, and triumph.

At the heart of the battlefield lies the captured princess, a symbol of hope and despair in equal measure. Her fate hangs in the balance, her rescue a rallying cry for those who would fight for justice and freedom.

Beside her stands the pyre, its flames licking at the sky as it consumes the fallen, a grim reminder of the cost of war and the sacrifices made in its name. Yet amidst the smoke and ashes, hope still flickers, a beacon of light in the darkness.

Treasure glitters amidst the rubble, its gleaming surface a tantalizing prize for those bold enough to claim it. Yet beware, for riches come at a price, and greed can lead to ruin for those who succumb to its siren song.

Supplies are scattered across the battlefield, their contents vital to the survival of those who fight for their cause. From weapons and armor to food and medicine, they are the lifeblood of war, fueling the fires of conflict and sustaining the warriors who wage it.

Standing stones loom tall against the horizon, their ancient presence a testament to the enduring power of the land itself. Though silent and unmoving, they bear witness to the struggles of mortal men and gods alike, their secrets known only to those who dare to listen.

And amidst the chaos, a fallen messenger lies still, his final message lost to the winds of war. Yet even in death, his mission lives on, his sacrifice a reminder of the importance of duty and honor in the face of adversity.

With these characterful objectives, you can turn your tabletop battles into epic sagas of heroism and sacrifice, where victory is not just measured in bloodshed, but in the triumph of the human spirit. So gather your forces, and prepare to fight for glory, for honor, and for the future of the realm.

This set contains 13 pre-coloured pieces of PVC plastic terrain, including:

  • 3 Ancient Standing Stones
  • 1 Pyre with detachable flames
  • 1 Captured Princess
  • 1 Dragon’s Egg
  • 1 Fallen Spy
  • 1 Rune Stone
  • 2 Piles of Treasure
  • 3 Piles of Supplies

Miniatures supplied assembled and unpainted.


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