TerrainCrate: Armageddon Sector

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Immerse yourself in the thrilling world of epic sci-fi warfare with our remarkable PVC terrain set. Whether you're a seasoned tabletop war gamer or just entering the universe of intergalactic battles, this set will transport you to post-apocalyptic realms filled with the remnants of colossal conflicts and alien invasions.

Craft your own unique blasted landscape with this versatile collection. It includes intricately designed ruined walls, debris, and a variety of scatter pieces, allowing you to construct a captivating battlefield for your sci-fi war games. Whether you desire tactical chokepoints, fortified positions, or sprawling warzones, the possibilities are boundless.

Each PVC piece is primed for painting, enabling you to infuse your personal touch and bring your creative vision to life. Regardless of your painting expertise, you'll relish the opportunity to customize your terrain with weathering effects, vibrant colors, or battle scars, making it uniquely yours.

Prepare for unforgettable battles on your tabletop. Your immersive landscape will enhance the intensity of your gaming experience, making every skirmish and strategy session truly epic. Lead armies of space marines, robotic warriors, or alien hordes against the backdrop of your meticulously crafted terrain.

Included in this set are crumbling ruins, war-torn walls, abandoned structures, debris piles, alien artifacts, and more. With our 42-piece PVC terrain set, you'll be fully equipped to create visually stunning and immersive battlefields that will captivate your fellow gamers. Elevate your sci-fi war games to new heights - order your set today and embark on epic adventures in a breathtaking, blasted landscape!


  • 42 pieces of detailed and ready-to-paint PVC Terrain.
  • Scale: 28 - 30mm


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