Terrain Expansion: Objective Markers 2

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The wasteland is full of colorful creatures and people, all fighting for control, supremacy and survival. In the post-apocalyptic ruins, one man's trash is another Deathclaw's treasure. However, there are some trinkets, weapons, chemicals or even scrap metal that are universally useful.

Finding loot and equipment can be difficult. Sometimes everything stacks up, left behind by a kindly previous owner (who is now thankfully gone), but sometimes you have to look harder. In the last days before the war and the subsequent scramble for resources, having supplies was only half the battle. Hiding them effectively was the other half. While a thorough search of the ruins might find only plastic trays or years-old tax returns, there is also the odd diamond in the rough. Filing cabinets with ashtrays? Tough. Finding working rocket launchers with missiles? A diamond.

Last but not least comes one of the basics: food. Sure, you can blow up the enemy, shoot them with a laser and irradiate them in a horrible way. But if you don't eat them afterwards, victory can (literally) turn to ash in your mouth. Food containers, boxes, cans and bottles provide food for the hungry - but beware. Even the best-preserved foods may have fallen victim to radiation. Eat too much and you'll have more mouths to feed (and get extra arms, limbs, and glowing parts).

The Fallout: Wasteland Warfare target marker set is the perfect addition to any tabletop gaming experience. With five unique and highly detailed resin markers in 32mm scale, players can create a dynamic and engaging gaming experience.
From the unearthed remains of a fallen synthesizer to a stockpile of fusion cells, these markers provide thematic destinations for your games. The set includes markers for synth remains, fusion cells, mini nukes, rocket launchers, and canned food. Each marker comes with its own scenic base, making the gameplay experience even more immersive. Use these markers to expand your Fallout: Wasteland Warfare games and add a new level of depth and strategy to your tabletop battles.

Includes five 32mm scale multi-part target markers made of high quality resin, each part of a unique scenic base.


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