Terrain Expansion: Cases and Crates

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In the world of Fallout, the remnants of civilization can still be found scattered throughout the wasteland. From locked-down military bases and outposts with their weapons and ammo caches to the luggage of those who were trying to flee in the desperate final moments, diligent survivors might find all manner of supplies and resources hidden in trunks, cases, and ammo crates.

This blister pack contains 10 high-quality resin 32mm scenery pieces, including 2 Suitcases, 2 Wooden Crates, 2 Military Crates, 2 Steamer Trunks, and 2 Ammo Cases. These pieces are perfect for detailing your gaming tables and providing thematic scenario objectives.

Crafted with attention to detail, these scenery pieces will add an extra layer of authenticity to your Wasteland battles. Use them to create immersive and detailed battlefields, where scavenging for supplies is just as important as battling your opponents.

Of course, assembly is required, and the miniatures are supplied unpainted, giving players the freedom to customize and paint the models to their own unique vision of the post-apocalyptic wasteland.

So, whether you're a lone wanderer seeking survival in a brutal world or a raider looking to carve out your own slice of the wasteland, the Scenery Set for Fallout: Wasteland Warfare offers a valuable asset in your quest for survival. Venture forth and uncover the treasures hidden within the ruins of the old world.


  1. 2 x Suitcase
  2. 2 x Wooden Crate
  3. 2 x Military Crate
  4. 2 x Steamer Trunk
  5. 2 x Ammo Case


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