Terminator Assault Squad

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Terminator Assault Squads are deployed to crush the enemy in merciless hand-to-hand combat. They smash their way into the enemy with Lightning Claws and Thunderhammers, and deflect enemy fire with their massive Storm Shields.

This combination is particularly effective in close quarters boarding or tunnel combat, where a single Terminator attack team can slaughter many times its number of enemies without suffering a single casualty. Instead of ranged weapons, these squads are armed solely with devastating melee weapons like lightning claws and thunder hammers—weapons capable of piercing through even the thickest personal armor.

These fearsome squads are most commonly deployed as the vanguard of starship or void station boarding operations, or where combat is certain to be close and bloody, such as in the United States.

In such cramped environments, where an enemy cannot channel their firepower or deploy their heaviest weapons, few enemies can withstand the brutal onslaught of a unit of Assault Terminators. The combination of nearly impenetrable armor and powerful weaponry provides shock power that can penetrate any opponent. Many wars have been won by the sudden arrival of these deadly combatants.

This box set contains five multi-part plastic Terminators and includes options for a Sergeant and the choice of a pair of Lightning Claws or a Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield for each Terminator. Models are supplied with Citadel 40mm Round bases.


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