Tenacious Tradition

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The Explorer's Society, originally conceived as a means to rekindle the spirit of adventure, has evolved into an organization dedicated to unraveling the enigmatic secrets of Malifaux and beyond. Comprising aristocrats, dark tourists, and pioneers, its members boldly tread into uncharted territories, driven by a thirst for knowledge, a desire to uncover hidden locations, and a penchant for hunting formidable game. While their motivations remain shrouded in mystery, their recent fervor for amassing rare artifacts is undeniable.

Within the world of Malifaux, these explorers are represented by finely crafted 32mm 'heroic' scale miniatures made from high-quality plastic. Assembling and preparing these miniatures will be necessary to bring them to life.

Belonging to the Explorers' Society faction, these models are characterized by the "Bygone" keyword, indicating their affiliation with a past era or arcane elements.

This set includes two intriguing characters:

  1. Parson - A figure shrouded in mystery, Parson's role and significance in the unfolding narrative of Malifaux are waiting to be discovered. As a member of the Explorers' Society, Parson brings his unique skills and abilities to the tabletop, adding depth and intrigue to your games.

  2. The Iron Matron - An enigmatic and formidable character whose true nature is obscured by the secrets of Malifaux. As part of the Explorer's Society faction, she promises to be a compelling addition to your collection, offering new strategic possibilities and challenges in your games.

With these miniatures, the Explorer's Society expands its influence in the world of Malifaux, ready to embark on new adventures, uncover hidden truths, and confront the ever-present mysteries that await.


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