Ten Thunders Fate Deck

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In the shadowed streets of Malifaux, where intrigue and illicit activities intertwine like tendrils of smoke, the Ten Thunders faction emerges as a clandestine power wielding the very essence of fate itself. In this realm where cards determine destinies, the beautifully illustrated Fate Decks are wielded as instruments of both fortune and doom. As the city teeters on the edge of chaos, the Ten Thunders delve into the realms of assassination, blackmail, and all manner of underworld endeavors.

To partake in their enigmatic dance, two Fate Decks are required, one for each player. These decks, meticulously crafted from plastic, bear the symbols of the Malifaux suits, their intricate designs whispering secrets yet to be unveiled. With every draw and every shuffle, the Ten Thunders manipulate the threads of destiny, weaving a narrative that only they can decipher.

Amidst the squalor of the Little Kingdom, the Ten Thunders' home base, sworn members gather, bound by oaths of loyalty and devotion that eclipse even the darkest secrets. These agents of the night dabble in activities that would make the city's shadows quiver. Assassinations, racketeering, smuggling—each crime is but a brushstroke in their grand design. Each operative, a living pawn on the perilous board of the city's underworld, stands ready to give life and limb for the syndicate's cause.

Their goal is as audacious as it is ambitious—to seize complete control over the fractured tapestry of Malifaux. Bound by their code of silence, the Ten Thunders delve into the darkest recesses of the city, unveiling the secrets that lie beneath the surface. Through whispered deals and hands of fate played from their intricately adorned Fate Decks, they maneuver the city's destiny like a puppeteer pulling strings.

In the heart of the city's criminal underworld, the Ten Thunders lay their bets on the table of fate, using their Fate Decks as a conduit between their desires and the enigmatic forces that shape their world. As they dabble in both shadows and cards, their story unfolds—a tale of devotion, manipulation, and the relentless pursuit of dominance that casts a shroud over the city of Malifaux.


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