Tempestus Scions Command Squad

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The Tempestus Scions are among the finest human warriors in the galaxy. Driven by a fanatical dedication to doing their bidding, even at the cost of their lives, they often carry out assignments so dangerous they would be tantamount to a suicide mission for ordinary Imperial soldiers.

By building the Militarum Tempestus Command Squad, you create a group of miniatures that represent the very best Scions in the regiment.

You have the option to build a Tempestor Prime. He has a cloak wrapped around his shoulders and a servo skull floating around him. In his right hand he holds a knife. For his left hand, you can choose between a command staff and a bolt pistol.

In addition to the Tempestor Prime, a Command Squad also includes: a medic with a medical tool in his right hand and a first-aid kit in his left, a standard bearer with an embossed standard (this bears the same motif that is also on the front of the Taurox Prime can be seen) and a radio operator.

This kit can also be assembled as a Tempestus Scions Squad. It is unpainted and requires assembly. We recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue (thin) and Citadel Paints.


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