Tell No Tales

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Step into the realm of torment and twisted souls with this haunting set, embodying the pain and anguish of the Tormented keyword. These figures unite to create a force that channels the energy of suffering and spectral manipulation on the tabletop.

At the forefront of this ensemble stand the Hanged, figures that embody the tormented and spectral nature of the Tormented keyword. Their presence on the battlefield adds an element of eerie power and spectral control, reflecting their role as vengeful and tortured souls.

Crooked Men, spectral entities complete the set, representing the twisted and tormented souls that follow the Hanged. With their abilities to manipulate the spectral world and provide support, these figures offer both utility and spectral control to your forces.

United under the Tormented keyword, this ensemble captures the Resurrectionists' connection to the pain and suffering of the spectral realm. Whether it's through spectral manipulation, vengeful power, or the channeling of tormented energy, these figures embody the Resurrectionists' fascination with the darker aspects of necromancy. Embrace the power of spectral torment, command with spectral influence, and lead your Tormented forces with unwavering determination as you guide this unique faction to victory.


  • Hanged (x2)
  • Crooked Men (x3)


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