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With Egypt's increasing power and splendor, its influence now extends far beyond its borders. On the command of Seth, the god of conflict, your soldiers are to march on any land that dares to oppose you or pose a threat to your Kingdom. Aside from soldiers needed to take control of lands beyond Egypt's borders, players also collect priests that allow them to take control of artifacts. These new cards offer new and nuanced ways to plan turns, combine strategic moves, and score victory Points.

Tekhenu: Time of Seth adds new levels of interaction and new options to Tekhenu: Obelisk of the Sun. A new board opens up options to conquer neighboring lands for in-game advantages and new scoring opportunities. New dice allow collecting soldiers and collecting priests. However, conquest comes at a price, as the more battles that are fought, the more complicated it becomes to weigh up your actions than before.

The expansion also includes advanced rules specifically designed to enhance the 2-player experience.

Game Components:

  • 1 Rulebook
  • 1 Double-sided Expansion Board
  • 1 Game Board Overlay
  • 1 Obelisk Wheel
  • 5 Custom Dice
  • 40 Cards
  • 24 Blood Tokens
  • 12 Conquest Tiles
  • 4 Priests
  • 4 Soldiers
  • 1 Vizier
  • 2 Solo-mode Action Tiles


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