Tau Empire Xv95 Ghostkeel Battlesuit

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This multi-part plastic kit gives you everything you need to build one XV95 Ghostkeel Battlesuit. This miniature has a really impressive range of modeling and posing options - arms, legs, head, engines and thrusters can all be posed in different ways and two different heads are supplied - the head can be raised and the chest opened, to reveal a male or female pilot! In addition, you get two blast cannons, two fusion blasters, two flamethrowers, a fusion accelerator, a cyclic ion raker and two XV5 stealth drone field projectors. Offensive and defensive, this combat suit is armed to the teeth!

There are 116 components in total, supplied with a Citadel 105mm Oval base.

The XV95 Ghostkeel Battlesuit is the pinnacle of Tau camouflage technology, a battlesuit specifically designed for deployment behind enemy lines in the most grueling conditions. Standing several times the height of a Fire Warrior, these powerful combat suits carry a full array of repulsor jets. They are equipped with an arsenal of heavy weaponry and are supported by a wealth of high-tech hardware and counter-sensor warfare. XV95 Ghostkeel battlesuits can tear entire squadrons of tanks apart and massacre rank after rank of enemy infantry in sudden ambushes. The firestorm of their attack is so great that the enemy often thinks an entire army must attack them from an unexpected direction.

Until recently, the use of the XV95 Ghostkeel Battlesuit was limited to covert missions. In truth, the development of these powerful battlesuits was completed by the start of the Third Sphere expansion, but it was decreed by the ethereals that these new weapons should remain hidden until their unveiling had the greatest inspirational value. The pilots were chosen from pre-screened candidates pulled from stealth team operations and transported to a secret facility on Station J'ka'vo on the outskirts of the abandoned N'dras Sept. From here, the first generation of Ghostkeel battlesuits, under orders from Aun'Va himself, conducted a series of deep-cover operations ranging from the sabotage of Vadenfall Station to the assassination of Cardinal Bocsh. With the recent success of the XV104 Riptide Battlesuit, the time was deemed right to unveil the newly named Ghosts of N'dras. Suddenly this isolated group of warriors was brought to light, their existence transformed from mystery to propaganda exercise practically overnight. Recruitment of XV95 Ghostkeel pilots has now begun across the Tau Empire, as has production of the combat suits themselves; Soon each Sept's armies will have their own XV95 Ghostkeel wings.

The Ghostkeel's tactical uses are diverse, ranging from unleashing devastating attacks from behind enemy lines to ambushing alongside Hunter Cadres. The XV95 Ghostkeel Battlesuits can be considered the epitome of the Tau Mont'ka "Killing Blow" stratagem - hitting exactly where it's needed with unerring accuracy and overwhelming power. The XV95 is used to sow confusion and destruction in the enemy ranks. She is a terror weapon designed to cause panic and disorder in the enemy as they search in vain for their mysterious assailant. Shrouded in overlapping stealth fields projected by its companion drone, the XV95 Ghostkeel is virtually invisible even in open terrain. Target arrays and scopes simply slide off his holophoton projectors, while scanners and auspexes are confused by the battlesuit's electrowarfare suite, returning incorrect readings and conflicting data.

Each Ghostkeel is piloted by a single, highly skilled Shas'vre, a former veteran of the XV25 stealthsuit team. This focused warrior is aided by an integrated artificial intelligence (AI) that assists him in the operation of the Ghostkeel's many complex systems and monitors his physical and psychological well-being during extended operations. As Ghostkeel pilots spend long periods in isolation in enemy territory, many develop unusually strong bonds with their battlesuit AI. In fact, in some cases, these eccentric warriors become so introverted that they prefer the company of their suit's AI to that of other Tau. XV95 Ghostkeel Battlesuits are typically deployed in squads of one to three Battlesuits. Pilots in squads consisting of several members are usually ritually bound together according to Ta'lissera tau custom,

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phantastisches Modell
5 from 5

Der Ghostkeel Battlesuit ist ein richtig tolles Modell mit vielen möglichen Baumodifikationen. Es hat sehr viel Spaß gemacht dieses Modell zu bemalen. In jeder Tau Armee ist der Ghostkeel ein optisches Highlight.

Daniel S., 04.06.2023 Verified purchase
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