Tau Empire Xv8 Crisis Battlesuits

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Tau Crisis Battlesuit Team

There are 152 components in total, including three Citadel 50mm Round Bases and three Citadel Small Flying Bases.

The XV8 Crisis Battlesuit is the T'au wearable general battlesuit used by the Fire Caste warriors of the T'au Empire. It assembles a wide array of fearsome ranged weapons, as well as a number of technologically advanced support systems, on a comparatively small and agile frame that offers the T'au pilot exceptional protection. Of all the weapon systems deployed by the T'au, the XV8 Crisis Battlesuit is by far the most distinctive and recognizable due to its reputation as an efficient and deadly weapon of war.

The XV8 Crisis Battlesuit strikes the perfect balance of offensive capability, armored protection, speed, maneuverability, and utility. It is a towering T'au battlesuit, easily twice the size of the Fire Warrior who wears it. A marvel of Earth-caste engineering, only the T'au could master the secrets of crafting the dense nanocrystalline alloy that forms the XV8's thick protective armor. When it comes to defense and resistance to damage, the XV8's armor is comparable to the Ceramite used by the Space Marines of the Human Empire, but weighs significantly less.

Agile for its size, the XV8 is extremely manoeuvrable, carrying a jetpack with repulsor jet engines – another unique Earth-caste invention that combines jet functionality with anti-gravity technology. These powerful engines allow the XV8 to jump over obstacles on the battlefield and make jumps to gain advantageous firing positions or dodge incoming gunfire. By firing the jets for a slow descent, it is possible for a warrior in an XV8 Crisis Battlesuit to perform a combat airdrop - suddenly arriving on the battlefield by leaping from an airborne Orca or Manta transport plane.

While its protective armor and mobility are prized by the T'au, it is the XV8 Battlesuit's ability to carry multiple weapons and support systems that makes it incredibly dangerous and versatile. The XV8's armament was designed to compensate for the recoil of light weapons and can be easily changed to reflect mission requirements or the pilot's personal preference.

Additional upgrades, from multi-tracker fire control systems to homing beacons or shield generators, further enhance the combat capabilities of this formidable combat suit. New technological improvements are constantly being made to the XV8 Crisis Battlesuit, but its core aspect remains iconic and unchanged. The XV8 is the armored embodiment of the Tau'va, her inspirational image gracing T'au propaganda holovids from Fi'rios to Fal'shia and even the far-off worlds of the Farsight enclaves.

To the T'au, the XV8 Crisis Battlesuit is more than just a powerful weapon of war; It is also the most significant symbol of great achievement, honor and prestige - a symbol of all the Fire Caste represents, ignorance and evil crushed by the potent combination of technological superiority and martial prowess.

While the XV8 Crisis Battlesuit is by far the most widely used battlesuit in the T'au Armory, only the Fire Warriors who prove themselves in battle earn the right to wear it and bear the Shas'ui name - the first honored military rank capable of piloting a T'au Battlesuit.

To do so is a great honor, and signifies that the Fire Warrior has passed his first acid test in four Terran years of lineage service. Such is the aspiration of every warrior of the Fire Caste - recognition of mastery of the Code of Fire and noble service to the Greater Good.

The greatest strength of the XV8 Crisis Battlesuit lies in its mobility and long-range combat power - it's up to the XV8 to get to the right place at the right time and eliminate the right targets. XV8s are extremely versatile as they can be equipped with a wide range of weapons and combat support systems. This allows this combat suit to effectively engage almost any type of enemy it encounters, whether heavy or light, infantry or vehicle type. The XV8 is capable of engaging any enemy units that the regular Fire Warrior Shas'la teams cannot deal with.


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