Tau Empire Xv25 Stealth Battlesuits

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This set contains 3 multi-piece plastic XV25 stealth suits and a Markerlight drone.

One of the smallest of all the various Tau Battlesuits, the XV25 Stealthsuit is designed for use in operations that require a high level of stealth. Fire Warriors, serving in a stealth team, specialize in covert operations such as infiltration, sabotage, reconnaissance and ambush. Stealth teams are essentially the special units of the fire caste. They are the "lone wolves" of the Tau military, typically operating independently of their Jäger squad. Suddenly, a stealth team appears out of nowhere and unleashes a barrage of shots to cripple or eliminate the chosen targets. Their style of war is mysterious as they infiltrate enemy lines and seek out vulnerable targets to destroy. In order to slip into enemy territory unseen, stealth teams use refractive jamming technology embedded in their sleek combat suits to provide stealth. Additional cloaking fields muffle noise and shield them from heat sensors, allowing them to penetrate deep into enemy regions before launching precisely timed ambushes.

Designed to be worn by a single member of the Fire Caste, the XV25 Stealthsuit is one of the smallest of all the various Tau battlesuit variants, as a Tau in an XV25 Stealthsuit is barely larger than a Fire Warrior in standard Tau battle armor; although it offers far greater protection. However, this fits perfectly with the XV25's role as the battlesuit of choice for Tau Infiltrators and Saboteurs. XV25 Stealthsuits are significantly smaller than the XV8 Crisis Battlesuits and therefore carry fewer weapons. What Stealthsuits lack in firepower, they more than make up for by being able to move almost unnoticed by the enemy until the very last moment. XV25 Stealthsuits are a relatively new development of the Tau Earth caste and share many of the same features as their predecessor in the Tau Armory, the XV15 Stealthsuit. The XV15 Stealthsuit is currently being phased out by the Fire Caste, being replaced by the XV25 Stealthsuit, which will serve as the new standard for all Tau forces for years to come.


XV25 Stealthsuits are worn by members of the Fire Caste who have attained the rank of Shas'ui, usually after completing a tour of duty as a Shas'ui in a squad of Fire Warriors. The leaders of the XV25 stealthsuit squads are Shas'vre ranks and masters of the art of subterfuge. The entire squad is usually ritually bound together according to Ta'lissera tau custom, symbolized by a knife design painted on the squad leader's armor. XV25 Stealthsuit teams typically consist of 3 to 6 members.

XV25 stealthsuit teams either operate in support of larger Tau formations or advance independently of the main Tau army. Stealth teams are not directly involved in Tau battle plans due to their covert role in combat, and enjoy great freedom of action and operational autonomy within very broad parameters set by Tau commanders. This freedom of action is rare in Tau military operations. This is because stealth teams are encouraged to fight independently and take their own initiative in attacks as suits their fighting style and tactical specialization. Stealth teams observe communications silence and are unable to take orders, and are usually left to make their own decisions. Those Shas'ui who volunteer in stealth teams are considered odd; an unpredictable bunch who don't always conform to convention—traits generally viewed with much suspicion in the well-regulated and highly structured Tau culture. Those who survive long enough to earn the Shas'vre title within stealth teams are invariably considered eccentrics among their Tau counterparts, renowned for their tactical innovations and daring raids deep behind enemy lines, as well as their joy in the game Employ new and unpredictable tactics.


Only slightly bulkier than the combat armor worn by Fire Warriors, the XV25 Stealthsuit incorporates many of the standard features found in most Tau combat suits. This includes a powerful and sophisticated Tau jetpack that combines anti-gravity and jet propulsion technology. The jetpack allows the battlesuit to have a stable platform from which to fire its weapons while on the move, and offers the user a high degree of mobility. The Jetpack also allows for the deployment of an XV25 Stealthsuit from high altitudes by Tau transporters such as Orcas and Manta Rays, where the Jetpack is used to safely slow the Battlesuit's descent. In addition to the jetpack, an XV25 stealthsuit also includes advanced sensors common to all Tau battlesuits, built into the helmets. These sensors and systems allow the user to gather more accurate battlefield data that can aid in making informed decisions about where to best deploy to maximize their tactical effectiveness. All XV25 Stealthsuits are also equipped with a Blacksun filter, an advanced optical system that improves and enlarges a warrior's vision in low light conditions while filtering bright reflections that could blind him in battle, and a multi-tracker, the Battlesuit supports pilots in combating enemy threats by using multiple weapons at once; making them formidable opponents in a variety of combat conditions. Like all Tau Battlesuits, XV25 Stealthsuits are crafted from a lightweight yet strong nanocrystalline alloy called Fio'tak in the Tau Lexicon, which is lightweight, malleable, impact-resistant, and corrosion-resistant, reducing the Battlesuit's weight while enhancing superior protection. Even the armor's shape helps deflect solid projectiles, while a reflective liquid metal coating can reflect medium laser fire. A full medical suite and nutrient reservoirs are also built into XV25 stealthsuits to aid them in the field.


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