Tau Empire Ty7 Devilfish

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A TY7 Devilfish Armored Troop Carrier is the primary anti-gravity skimmer transport deployed by the Tau ground forces, and can ferry twelve Fire Warriors or Pathfinders into combat with relative safety and then provide mobile fire support once they disembark .

A sturdy and versatile transport, it is the TY7 Devilfish that enables the Fire Cast's ground forces to successfully execute many of their strategies, whether that be quickly relocating Fire Warriors to new coordinates as part of large strategic maneuvers or breaking through enemy lines with blazing cannons. to extract Pathfinder teams before they can be overwhelmed. These ubiquitous transports are immensely popular with the Fire Caste, and their brave pilots are greatly respected.

Primarily an armored personnel carrier, the TY7 Devilfish is often regarded as the workhorse of Tau ground forces, with the ability to get a fully armed and equipped Fire Warrior squad to the front lines quickly and relatively safely. Once the Fire Warriors have been deployed, the Devilfish will continue to function as mobile fire support, providing infantry firepower where it's most needed. Mobility is essential for any Tau commander, and Devilfish lets her infantry keep up with the armored gunships of a squadron of fighters. Whether maneuvering troops to pull off a Mont'ka's killer offensive or positioning them in ideal firing positions to ensure a Kauyon ambush is perfectly prepared, Devilfish are often the key to Tau victories.

Devilfish aren't just used to get troops to the front lines, though. In addition to the fearsome firepower of its burst cannon, a Devilfish is often on hand to draw out Tau troops should enemy formations be able to overwhelm the Tau cannon line, or when the Tau commander decides a tactical retreat is required . Given the Tau's aversion to close combat, a common tactic is to reposition their gun lines when enemy units close in. Bring troops out of harm's way to set up new firing zones elsewhere on the battlefield. This re-embarkation and relocation tactic allows Pathfinders to escape encirclement and helps Fire Warriors keep their enemies at a distance, making them better at taking down the enemy with repeated volleys of pulse fire. In doing so, they enable the hit-and-run tactics of a Tau force and are the bane of many Imperial commanders. Devilfish are typically transported in a Manta, which can carry four fully loaded Devilfish from orbit to the ground and then once again to the battlefront. This allows Devilfish to be deployed exactly where and when they and their troops are needed.

A TY7 Devilfish is primarily armed with a nose-mounted burst cannon and a fuselage-mounted secondary weapon system. The nose-mounted burst cannon provides fast-firing suppressive anti-infantry fire and acts as a self-defense weapon that can also be used to supplement fire from a disembarked squad. Devilfish come standard with landing gear in case the engines fail or the craft is simply stationary and disabled.

This set contains 1 multi-part plastic T'au Devilfish APC with a variety of optional parts and weapons.


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