Tau Empire Fire Warriors

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Tau Fire Warrior / Strike Team or Breacher Team

The Fire Warrior is the backbone of the forces of the Tau, the Fire Caste.

Raised and trained as soldiers from birth, Tau Fire Warriors strictly adhere to both the Greater Good and the Code of Fire, and represent the finest fighters of their species. They are soldiers equipped with a variety of advanced technologies. Their primary weapon is the Pulse Rifle, although they sometimes use Pulse Carbines. As basic infantry, they are used in smaller numbers than other races' infantry due to the superior firepower they can deploy. Fire Warriors are known to be efficient, professional, and cautious fighters. Often deployed from a Devilfish APC, they are capable of quickly deploying their enemies and laying down devastating volleys of fire. The base team consists of five Fire Warriors, but it's not uncommon for them to include up to twelve, with or without a Shas'ui team leader present as one of the 5-12, as well as cannon drones, marker drones, shield drones, a sentinel drone, and /or a tower drone.

Fire Warrior Strike Team

The Strike Team is the most common type of Tau Fire Warrior deployment. A Fire Warrior Strike Team is a high-velocity detachment of shock troops, laying down layers of withering pulse rifle fire, throwing electromagnetic pulse grenades, and directing powerful tactical support turrets at a rapidly exhausting enemy.

Fire Warrior Breacher Team

The Breacher Team is a type of Tau Fire Warrior lineup. The Fire Warriors Breacher Team specializes in brutally effective melee attacks, clearing buildings of threats in a tight, tactical formation and delivering sharp, shockingly sudden frontline displays of raw incendiary power that crushes enemy soldiers to dust, discharges pulse blasters and hurls photon grenades until they are safe. every way is free.


Fire Warrior squads are usually armed with Pulse Rifles, but are sometimes seen with Pulse Carbines and Pulse Blasters, and the Shas'ui may be equipped with a Markerlight. Fire Warriors also typically carry photon or EMP grenades, and often use Devilfish vehicles for transport. Tau military doctrine does not allow for organic, integrated heavy weapons, so Fire Warrior teams rely on heavy support from other units, typically in the form of seeker missiles.

Light and nimble yet sturdy, the battle armor worn by the Fire Warriors is crafted using advanced metal-fusion techniques that are more advanced than either Orcish or Imperial methods. The armor's outer surface is a hard, ultra-dense, nanocrystalline metal bonded to an inner layer of high-performance thermoset molecular polyethylene. The inner layer acts as an energy-absorbing padding that prevents blunt trauma wounds from high-velocity impacts. The enlarged single shoulder pad is particularly useful as Fire Warriors are trained to position themselves to use it as a shield. In addition, Fire Warrior helmets contain a variety of utilities, including sensors, target tracking devices, air quality monitors, and communications uplinks. Breachers also carry Field Amplifier Relays as backpacks, allowing for increased protection from nearby Sentinel Drones. It is unclear why members of strike teams do not do this.

Fire Warriors often utilize support technologies during field operations, particularly drones, including the DS8 Tactical Support Turret.

This multi-part plastic kit provides you with everything needed to assemble ten T'au Empire Fire Warriors in their Strike Team configuration. One model can be upgraded to a Shas'ui, and the kit includes two drones, a DS8 tactical support turret, a selection of different shoulder pads and backpacks, and a selection of weapons - pulse pistols, pulse carbines, EMP, and photon grenades! 230 components in total, supplied with ten Citadel 25mm Round Bases, one Citadel 40mm Round Base and two Small Flying Bases.

This kit can also be assembled as a Fire Warriors Breacher Team.


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