Tartary Army Corps Action Pack

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Tartary, the wild western region of Ariadna is one of the most dangerous and hostile territories on the planet Dawn. Any force capable of controlling would be a formidable adversary to Ariadna's enemies. The Tartary Army Corps, or TAK, are self established as a force that is constantly put to the test by its operating environment. A force that is always ready - in order to survive. The TAK is composed by experienced and profesional soldiers who, after facing the horror of Tartaria, are used to not giving up - because the alternative would be death.

Box contains:

    • 3x Line Kazak (Rifle)
    • 1x Tankhunter (AP Rifle)
    • 1x Veteran Kazak (AP Rifle)
    • 1x Scout (Boarding Shotgun)
    • 1x Ratnik (Heavy Shotgun)
    • 1x Vassily (Chain Of Command) (T2 Marksman Rifle)
    • 1x Strelok (Marksman Rifle T2)
    • 1x Frontovik Engineer (Light Rocket Launcher)


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