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Tanned Skin from Xpress Color is a versatile and warm hue, perfect for painting realistic skin tones on miniatures that depict sun-kissed characters or adventurers exposed to the elements. This shade provides a natural, healthy glow, ideal for figures like warriors, explorers, or any character that spends time outdoors. Its rich, golden undertone captures the essence of sunlit skin, adding a vibrant realism to your models.

The depth and warmth of Tanned Skin make it an excellent choice for base layers on figures, providing a robust foundation that enhances facial and bodily features. It’s particularly effective for highlighting muscle definition, facial expressions, and other detailed sculpting. This color also serves well for creating smooth transitions and shadows, giving your miniatures a more three-dimensional and lifelike appearance.

Tanned Skin pairs beautifully with other colors in the Xpress Color range. Mixing it with lighter skin tones can create subtle highlights, perfect for enhancing the curves and contours of a figure. Blending it with darker browns or reddish hues can deepen the shadows and add contrast, which is crucial for achieving a more dynamic and impactful visual effect. For finer details or softer effects, diluting Tanned Skin with Xpress Medium allows for gentle washes and glazes, helping to achieve nuanced and realistic skin tones.

Incorporating Tanned Skin into your painting toolkit will significantly enhance your ability to portray human figures with authenticity and depth. Whether painting a beach-going character, a desert warrior, or simply adding diversity to your collection, Tanned Skin offers the perfect balance of warmth and realism to bring your miniatures to life.

Xpress Color is presented in bottles of 18 ml/0.6 fl oz with eyedropper. This packaging prevents the paint from evaporating and drying in the container, so that It can be used in minimal quantities and preserved for a long time.


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