Talos Pain Engine

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This multi-part plastic kit contains 89 components with which to make either a Drukhari Talos Pain Engine or a Cronos Parasite Engine. The box contains all sorts of features: chain flails, secretion injectors, a liquefier gun and lots of syringes, as well as multiple head and arm variants. It's a remarkably macabre addition to any Drukhari collection.

The Talos Pain Engine is a Drukhari construct and the most common of their many so-called pain machines. Adorned with multiple surgical contraptions and grotesque weapons of war, the Talos is a part-organic, part-mechanical device devised by the creations of a mad genius.

Originally constructed as a torture device by the insane masters of pain of the Dark Eldar known as the Haemonculi, the Talos is now deployed on the myriad battlefields of the galaxy. Sweeping forward on anti-gravity engines, the Talos catches its victims in its razor-sharp claws, then burns them from the inside out.

The prisoner's death spasms propel the Talos toward its foes, while its unique sting savages death in all directions and its multi-petaled arms slice through armor and bone alike with lashing blows.

These semi-sentient machines are invaluable to the Haemonculi, serving both as guardians and mobile torture chambers, punishing those who displease their master. The fate of those caught in a Talos' death grip does not end with death. The remains of victims caught within its reach are sucked out to be used in making potions and elixirs.

A Talos Pain Engine with an unfortunate victim in its deadly grip.

In battle, this gruesome process is immensely enjoyable for the Haemonculus owner, not only providing an entertaining spectacle, but also giving the Talos even more motivation as it uses and consumes its fleshy prey. Clacking and jerking as if reveling in killing, the Talos advances with renewed vigour, its high-tech weaponry indiscriminately spitting death into the enemy's ranks.

When it catches its next prey, the process begins all over again, but the fate of a victim captured by a Talos does not end with death - upon the machine's return to its coven's lairs, the components of its victims are cast from its metal sucked out the shell and used it to make even more potions and elixirs.

A talos is valuable to the Haemonculi not only as a shield—its metallic shell and twisted spirit make it nearly impervious to damage—but also as a tool, allowing its master to punish the slow and the insolent without lifting a crooked finger.

A Talos' front legs can be equipped with a variety of ferocious tools, such as: Examples include macroscalpels that can cut even an ogryn into gory chunks, chain flails that can shred flesh and metal with equal ease, or slime-spitting funnels that siphon fluids from a talos' rib cage to turn lightly armored victims into primordial Sludge.


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