Takashi Kumiko

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At the Takashi Koryu, Takashi Akio stands as both a father and a sensei, shaping the next generation of Dragon samurai with his unparalleled techniques and distinctive style. Renowned for his mastery in swordplay, Akio's influence extends far beyond the dojo walls.

Yet, despite his own prowess, Akio faced a dilemma when his daughter Kumiko chose a different path upon reaching adulthood. Initially consumed by fury, he perceived her decision as a personal affront, a betrayal of his legacy.

In an attempt to redirect Kumiko's path, the Takashi samurai turned to Takashi Hagane, urging him to challenge her and thus end what he deemed a wasteful diversion of her talent. However, Hagane, recognizing Kumiko's exceptional skill, refused the request, declaring her among the greatest duelists of her generation.

Hagane's words echoed in Kumiko's mind, igniting a newfound determination within her. Embracing the sword once more, she reclaimed her place among the warriors, forsaking the path she once sought in favor of the blade.

As discussions arose among the players, voices clamored for greater diversity and thematic lists within the Dragon clan. Kumiko, with her formidable skill set and low Rice cost, emerged as a natural inclusion in such formations. With her four-dice samurai prowess and the crucial Critical Attack (1) ability, she became an indispensable addition to the ranks, embodying the spirit of strength and resilience that defined the Blood of the Dragon.

Blister contains one miniature supplied with a 30mm base and full colour profile Card.


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