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Tactical Squads are combat squads. The most numerous and strategically diverse warriors in a Codex Astartes-compliant order form battlegroups. They are flexible enough to smother an attack or hold a position with devastating firepower. Whatever the strategic challenge, Battleline Squads are usually up to the task.

Like their Assault Marine counterparts, members of a Tactical Squad can be badass. The Chaos Space Marines also use units equivalent to the Tactical Marines, although they have less weapon variety, are more vicious in close combat, and are usually led by an Aspiring Champion of Chaos.The most numerous and strategically diverse warriors in a Codex Astartes-compliant Space Marine Chapter form battlegroups. They are flexible enough to smother an attack or hold a position with devastating firepower. Whatever the strategic challenge, Battleline Squads are up to the task.

Since the release of Codex Astartes, Tactical Squads have formed the backbone of most Space Marine armies. They were asked to fulfill the full range of roles on the battlefield; They stand firm, provide fire support, and charge into the close quarters of bloody hand-to-hand combat as the ever-changing theater of war dictates. As befits their flexible role on the battlefield, Tactical Squads bring a variety of weapons to the battlefield. in addition to standard bolt pistol and grenade armament, most Tactical Space Marines carry a boltgun - the weapon of vengeance made famous on untold millions of blood-soaked battlefields. This impressive infantry firepower is usually complemented by one heavy weapon and one special weapon. Exact armament is selected to meet the requirements of each mission, and weapon duties are shared between all members of the squad except the sergeant, requiring all Tactical Space Marines to be trained and proficient with every weapon their squad is capable of using.

Each Tactical Squad is led by a grizzled sergeant who has thrived through solar decades or even standard centuries of harsh and brutal campaigns. It is important for battleline squads to be led by a shrewd and courageous individual able to read the battle for opportunity, and it is quite common for such sergeants to be seconded from the Order's elite 1st Company. This ensures that the mainstay of the Order's combat troops are led by the most experienced of its warriors. No matter how detailed a plan, many decisions in the heat of battle—such as whether to sprint at full speed, fire while moving, take cover, or capture key bases—must be made quickly. The right decision can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

The forerunner of the modern era Tactical Squad, the Legion Tactical Squad was a tactical formation of the ancient Space Marine Legions deployed during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy era of the late 30th and early 31st millenniums. These squads were the mainstay of the Legiones Astartes and the force with which the Great Crusade reclaimed much of the galaxy for the Empire of Man and its Emperor. Whether sprinting through the firestorm of no man's land, fighting head-to-toe with flaming bolters, or blasting enemy tanks to pieces, Tactical Marines are tireless and steadfast defenders of the Empire. A Battle-Brother can only join a Tactical Squad after first progressing through the ranks of Scout, Devastator, and Assault Squads, meaning these brave warriors are experts in all aspects of warfare.

Led by grizzled sergeants - many seconded from the elite 1st Company - these squads have the accumulated knowledge and skills to deal with any situation, no matter how dire. Combined with the range of special weapons they can wield, there is no threat in the galaxy that the Space Marines Tactical Squads cannot triumph over. Sergeants have the additional options of wielding a wider variety of weapons in combat, with most Sergeants opting for a bolt pistol and chainsword. The Sergeant may have fought enough battles to qualify as a Veteran of his Chapter. Veterans are often promoted to special command duties or assigned to serve in the elite 1st Company of a Codex Astartes-compliant Chapter. Sergeants are usually denoted on the battlefield by a red helmet. Veteran Sergeants also add a white stripe to their red helmets to indicate this elite status.

Tactical Squads form the backbone of any Space Marine army. They hold positions, provide fire support, and engage in bloody close quarters combat as the needs of the ever-changing battlefield dictate.

This box contains everything you need to assemble your very own Tactical Squad, including a Sergeant and a special weapon. There are so many options and accessories in the set that we recommend you take a closer look at the images above to get a proper impression of them.

Space Marines

To build the Tactical Squad, you get
11 upper body fronts (10 of which are individually different)
10 different pairs of legs
16 different heads (13 helmeted, 3 bareheaded)
22 shoulder pads
10 back modules (9 of which are individually different)
and 10 pairs of arms.

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Die letzte Auflage des takischen Trupps, super geregelt mit allen Spezialwaffen, Kombiwaffen und verschiedenen Waffen für den Sergeant bzw die Bitzbox, auch die Teile für die Marines sind super mit den 32er Bases.
Über die Jahre habe ich mir immer wieder den taktischen Trupp gekauft, es waren zwar im Grunde die selben Figuren, aber einiger Kleinkram kam seit ca 20 Jahren des Trupps hinzug wie Helme, Bolter, Bitz bzw allgemein das Aussehen von manchen Teilen und eben die Ergänung der Spezialwaffen.

Einzig das in dieser Version nur noch die Abziehbilder der Ultramarines enthalten sind stört mich, damals war ein Bogen drin der auch andere Orden wie Black Templars, White Scars, Salamanders, Crimson Fists, Imperial Fists, Blood Angels und Dark Angels enthielt.

Oliver K., 04.10.2023 Verified purchase
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