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Tabletop Systems for each taste

What is tabletop

As the name suggests, tabletop systems are played on the table surface and usually encompass the entire width of the table. As a rule, the games are played between 2 people who set up armies, gangs or teams according to a point system. And then let them compete against each other, similar to board games.

There is something for everyone

The range of different tabletop systems is growing steadily. There are now many different settings and game mechanics. Everyone can find something here, be it as a casual game for brief exchanges or as a full campaign system with huge armies

Fantasy tabletops

In fantasy tabletops, medieval settings are usually permeated with fantastic and mythical beings and magicians. But they have one thing in common, they are not based on modern or future technology. Fantasy tabletops include games such as:

  • Conquest Last Argument of Kings
    • Rank and rank game
    • relatively large regiments and armies
    • Plastic miniatures
    • interesting factions
  • Freebooters Fate
    • Pirate tabletop with goblins, vodoo and black powder
    • does not use dice, only cards
    • Poker game about hit zones
  • Song of Ice and Fire
    • Well-known franchise, play the heroes and armies from Game of Thrones
    • Interesting control mechanics, which civilians also use
    • Row and ranks of regiments and relatively large armies
  • Frostgrave
    • A campaign system without miniature specifications
    • is very similar to Mordheim

Science fiction tabletops

Sci-Fi tabletops usually play future or an alternate reality, they are often based on advanced technology. These tabletops also include large franchise brands such as the Star Wars Tabletop

  • Star Wars Legion
    • Play the heroes from the Star Wars universe
    • minor skirmishes to major battles
    • Star Wars!!!
  • Star Wars X-Wing
    • small space battles with 3-6 airmen
    • very interesting mechanics, the movement is planned in advance
    • all models are painted!
  • Star Wars Armada
    • simulates larger space battles
    • all models painted
  • Infinity
    • very complex and extensive tabletop
    • based on d20 dice
    • action loaded, has often been compared to titles like Counter Strike
    • unique reaction system also in the opponent's turn

Comic tabletops

As the name suggests, the games are dominated by heroes from the Marvel and DC Universe, currently there is from Marvel Crisis Protocoll with a huge range of heroes and anti-heroes from the Marvel Universe. As well as the Batman miniatures game, which includes the DC series around Batman.

Historical tabletops

these games have a clear more or less correct historical background. These tabletops make use of various ancient epochs and scenarios. The big providers include producers such as Warlord Games with games from different ages

  • Bolt action
    • second world war tabletop
    • 28mm miniatures
    • is loosely based on older GW rules
  • ACW
    • American Civil War tabletop
    • 15mm scale
  • Black powder
    • includes the era of black powder weapons
    • Conflicts like Waterloo or other Napoleonic events
  • Black Seas
    • Ship battles with sailing ships
  • SPQR
    • Tabletop in ancient times
    • Primarily deals with Roman conflicts
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