Sylvaneth Tree-Revenants

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Tree Revenant

the Ghost Paths to weave your way through the enemy ranks. The warlike aspect of these forest spirits is reminiscent of the protectors of Sylvaneth lore, while their highly ritualized brand of warfare gives them a deadly speed and dexterity that few enemies can match.

Ruthless, swift, and graceful, Tree-Revenants have a number of duties in a Sylvaneth household. Patrol, defend, conquer and destroy; Huge bands of Tree-Revenants, with their sinister looks and delicate limbs, make up the bulk of a household troop. Everything they do is reminiscent of the protectors of days gone by - their intention is to perpetuate and strengthen the memory of these beings. Everything the Tree-Revenants do, from their selfless defense of the forest folk to the punches and whirls of their sinister fighting style, is meant to uphold and strengthen the memory of these beings. They even carry worm-silk banners into battle and gather these forest icons like the old protectors are said to have done.

Though they fight in a regimented fashion and form the core of the Sylvaneth battleline, that doesn't mean bands of Tree-Revenants simply rush undeterred into the teeth of an enemy army. Wherever possible, Tree-Revenants prefer to use the paths of the spirits to get into battle, migrating from one wyldwood to the next along the empire's roots. Such tactics not only allow the Tree-Revenants to outrun or evade their enemies at the speed of thought, they are extremely unsettling to their enemies. Few sights are as terrifying as these fairy spirits that flicker through the trees with murder in their eyes.

Tree-Revenants go to war in units of at least five warriors, led by a Scion. They fight with a variety of enchanted blades, while their offspring can wield either a Protector Glaive or another enchanted blade. Some Tree-Revenants can also wield Glade Banners, and all of them can play their waypipes to walk the ghost paths between Wyldwoods.

Imbued with echoes of the lives of their predecessors, Tree-Revenants draw on centuries of experience as they go to war.

This multi-part plastic kit contains the parts necessary to assemble five Tree-Revenants armed with a choice of Enchanted Blades (swords, scythes, an ax and a pickaxe are included). One model can be assembled as a Scion wielding a Protector Glaive, one can be equipped with a Banner of the Glade and one can be equipped with Flutes of the Way. Supplied with five Citadel 32mm Round bases.

This kit can also be used to build five Spite-Revenants.


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