Sylvaneth Drycha Hamadreth

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Drycha Hamadreth

It is said that Drycha is a truly ancient spirit that fought in the wars at the end of the world that was. Many say that she let Alarielle down back then. Surely it was not until the darkest days of the Age of Chaos that the Everqueen relented and planted Drycha's Soul Seeds, releasing the Branchwraith from their millennial limbo. In truth, Alarielle feared the damage Drycha's Immolate Madness could wreak and the horrors it could wreak. The Everqueen also worried that Drychas was a necessary darkness and that the mother had somehow weakened her children by keeping them locked away.

Alarielle planted her spiky seed in the hateful abyss known as Hamadrithil. There resided an ancient and malevolent sentience that Alarielle hoped would make Drycha strong. The Everqueen got her wish and more. What erupted from the rift wasn't just Branchwraith. Drycha Hamadreth took form in a body of twisting vines and gnarled thorn roots, the embodiment of Hamadrithil's malice. Always torn between anger and depression, Drycha's bitter soul drew deadly malice to infest her form. The Flitterfuries came to bask in the heat of Drycha's anger while the Squirmlings suckled at their sorrows.

Drycha sang her own song, a dissonant dirge of hatred for those not of the sylvaneth, and she drew the outcasts in large numbers, along with other disaffected clans. Drycha's host was uncontrollable, a force of nature's fury that shredded the sylvaneth's allies as quickly as their foes. Alarielle, unable to command her wayward daughter, but also unwilling to destroy her, was forced to call Drycha an outcast herself. This only seems to have strengthened Drycha's resolve, for she rules the other outcasts as a twisted queen in place of her estranged mother. Drycha herself remains an agent of anarchy and destruction, though reluctantly loyal to her mother goddess. She does not distinguish between Orruk and Stormcast, Gor-kin and Duardin in her fights. Sometimes she fights at the head of Wargroves, sometimes alone or even alongside these flesh-and-blood beings whom she hates, provided that it furthers her genocidal ends. Drycha aspires only to total sylvaneth domination over the Mortal Realms, and she will fight however and wherever she sees fit until that goal is achieved.

Ever since Drycha emerged from Hamadrithil, she has waged an endless war against anyone who would confront her. From one mortal realm to the next, their crusade of violence traversed time and space. Sylvaneth clans were blown in their wake like leaves in a storm, hurled against Drycha's enemies to their mutual destruction. Despite this, Drycha kept sweeping on, just as unable to stop her killing spree as she didn't want to. Anger and sorrow lay in the ancient soul of the hamadreth at war, while the poisonous malice of the hamadrithil tainted them with a constant need to inflict pain. Even in the dimly remembered times before, Drycha had been bitter and unbalanced, an extremist who sought the survival of the sylvaneth at the expense of all others. Now she embodied the ideals of that crusade, a twisted queen of the desperate and dispossessed. Though her pilgrimage to slaughter seemed random, there were those who saw a deeper, darker plan at work in everything Drycha Hamadreth did. Alarielle didn't want to talk about that, but the Royal Moot suspected a lot...

This multi-part plastic kit contains all the parts needed to assemble Drycha Hamadreth. Her body is the host for either a Colony of Flitterfuries or a Swarm of Squirmlings, and she is armed with Slashing Talons and Thorned Slendervines. It is supplied with 12 Spites and a Citadel 105mm x 70mm Oval base.


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