Sylvaneth Alarielle The Everqueen

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Alarielle the Everqueen

Alarielle, also known as the Everqueen, is the goddess of life and nature of the Mortal Realms. A deity of incredible power, she was once a key member of Sigmar's pantheon of Order. After the Dark Gods successfully invaded Ghyran during the Age of Chaos, she became withdrawn and cold.

Now, however, she has returned to the forefront of the war against Chaos, and the ground trembles under the kicks of her gargantuan Wardroth Beetle as Alarielle leads the Sylvaneth charge. Wherever the goddess' glare falls, her enemies cower in fear, for in Alarielle's heart there is no mercy toward those who plunder her realm. Alternately sorceress and healer, warrior and protector, Alarielle is the singing heartwood of her favored race, the Sylvaneth.

Alarielle has existed in one form or another for eons. She is the nurturer of the worlds, the mother of all life, bringing forth the endless potential of nature to glorious expression. It is their children who raise the greatest life forms to maturity, who carve beautiful worldscapes from the humblest of seeds, and sing the songs of Paradise as the great cycles wind on and on.

Some mortal seers say that Alarielle was born from the humblest of beginnings, others that she has always existed, but in Ghyran the first manifestations of her power come from the Age of Myth. Those who walk the living carpets of branches of Oyrha first see the barbarian king Sigmar awakening Alarielle from a long hibernation, winning her gratitude and the two throwing back a torrent of darkness. Later, Alarielle is shown as a plant queen surrounded by a court of luminous tree spirits, then as a wandering nymph dispersing soul pods throughout the Mortal Realms. The final tableaux, wiry and barren, show a weeping goddess curled up in her private kingdoms, locked in a paradise besieged on all sides by scenes of anarchy and destruction. In these times of strife, it is these latter images that ring truest of all. Most of the Jade Kingdoms were stolen from Alarielle's tutelage by the rapacious armies of the Dark Gods.

And yet there is still hope for Ghyran. Alarielle's sad introspection has done her little good; even the roots she put down in her last port have proved brittle and dry. The seeds of their revenge have been sown, waiting for the light that will let them grow into deadly fruit once more. She is already working with her life-giving magic to aid those fighting for the cause of the realm. If the forces of order work together as one, a new dawn could dawn upon the Jade Kingdoms - an era when chaos will be banished from their realm.

Reborn from the land she loved in a rising crescendo of hope, anger, loss and exaltation, Alarielle the Everqueen is an ancient and powerful being. She is the goddess of life magic; Wherever she steps on her giant Warroth Beetle, new blooms cry out in a riot of colour, vigor and passion. She scatters amphorae of souls across the Mortal Realms, each containing magical pollen capable of drawing new sylvaneth from the ground or suffocating their enemies. The only struggle against the courage she inspires in her allies is the hatred she feels for her enemies - Alarielle the Everqueen burns with a fierce desire for revenge, and her enemies would do well to run.

Alarielle's rebloom gave her a perspective her fading self had lacked. The goddess now saw that the war against Chaos could not be won simply by retaking Ghyran. The corruption of the Dark Gods must be completely removed from all Mortal Realms, lest they all perish. It was this revelation that led Alarielle through the Ghyran Realmgate known as Copper Falls - connected to the Hellhaze Realmgate in Aqshy - and into battle on Godskull Mesa. It also gave her a strength and determination that none of her previous incarnations had matched. Countless times of war had come and gone for Alarielle, but never had she seen such humiliating, merciless defeat. Alarielle was angry in a way only a deity can be, and she tried to vent her frustration and shame on her enemies. Those who had brought Alarielle to her knees would regret it, for in doing so they had inadvertently lifted her higher than ever, and this time she would show them no mercy.

In one hand, Alarielle carries the deadly Spear of Kurnoth, while the other ends in the Talon of Dwindling, a terror weapon that freezes the souls of all it wounds, withering spirits and decaying bodies. She rides an unstoppable Wardroth Beetle that wreaks untold doom with its large antlers.

This multi-part plastic kit contains all the components necessary to assemble Alarielle the Everqueen, who rides her gigantic Wardroth Beetle - a living battering ram covered in moss and mushrooms and decorated with amphorae made of souls and other ornaments. She carries the Spear of Kurnoth in one hand and her other arm ends in the dreaded Talon of Dwindling. Comes in 79 components in total, and is supplied with a suitably sized Citadel 160mm Round base.


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