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Swords are bladed weapons with a long metal blade attached to a handle. They come in many shapes and sizes, from the short and straight Roman gladius to the long and curved katana of feudal Japan.

Swords are often associated with knights and warriors, as they were frequently used as a primary weapon in battles throughout history. They require skill and training to use effectively, as well as strength and agility to wield them in combat.

Some swords are designed for slashing, while others are meant for thrusting. They may have a single edge or be double-edged, and can be made from a variety of materials including steel, bronze, and even obsidian.

Swords have also been featured in many works of fiction, including fantasy and science fiction. In these settings, swords may have magical properties or be imbued with special powers. They are often carried by heroes and villains alike, and can play a significant role in the plot of the story.

Set contains 10 resin swords.

  • Scale: 28-30mm (1:55-1:60)
  • Weight: 10 g

This product is made of high-quality resin.

Models are supplied unassembled and unpainted.


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