Super Mutants: Skirmishers

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Super Mutants are creatures of instinct, driven by their insatiable hunger for flesh. They love nothing more than to hunt and eat, and will go to great lengths to secure their next meal. Whether that means shooting down defenseless humans from afar or blowing them to bits with explosives, Super Mutants are happy to do whatever it takes to satisfy their cravings.

But their favorite method of "food preparation" is to get up close and personal, using whatever comes to hand to batter their next meal into submission. They relish the satisfying crunch, crumple, or crack of their weapon on flesh and bone, and nothing brings them more joy than reducing their prey to a pulp with their bare hands.

While some Super Mutants prefer to use planks of wood, twisted pipes, or rusted tools, others are more than capable of smashing through armor plate or crushing skulls with their bare hands. As long as their food is suitably tenderized and stops moving, they couldn't be happier.

This boxed set offers players the chance to add three unique high-quality resin Super Mutant miniatures to their Fallout: Wasteland Warfare games. Each miniature comes with its own scenic base, bringing the wasteland to life in stunning detail. Whether you choose to play as a Super Mutant who loves to smash things or one who prefers to use a weapon, you'll be one step closer to satisfying your insatiable hunger for flesh.


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