Sumpfboss Skumdrekk auf Schlammsuhla

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Swampboss Skumdrekk on Sludgeraker Beast

Sludgeraker Beasts are a species of carnivorous beasts that live in the swamps and are used as mounts by Kruleboyz snatch bosses.

A Sludgeraker has lanky arms strong enough to crush a Grunta skull. Its jaws are filled with rotten teeth, while its tail resembles that of a nine-tailed cat. They also excrete an oily substance that helps them avoid being attacked by enemies, mixed with slimy swamp beasts that the Sludgeraker feeds and other waste. Because Sludgerakers don't clean themselves, this collects on their underbelly, giving them an extremely noxious odor.

Sludgeraker Beasts are stealthy ambush predators. They pursue their prey while submerged in the swamps, staying to windward of their target due to their scent. They know when to deliver a single strike before retreating without further effort as the target would die from the infected wound.

Kruleboyz use these as mounts for snatcha bosses and are considered status symbols among the Gitsnatchaz tribes. Additionally, the filth that accumulates on Sludgerakers' bellies provides Sludgeraker Venom, which when applied to weapons is so damaging that it can leave a nasty infection with just a scratch, which is why Kruleboyz often attach their blades to the Wiping the bellies of Sludgeraker Beasts.

From this model you can build a Swampboss Skumdrekk on Sloppklaw.

This kit comes as 66 plastic components with which to make one swamp boss, Skumdrekk, and is supplied with a large oval base.

This model can alternatively be built as a grapple boss on Mudwow. This miniature requires assembly and comes unpainted - we recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel Paints.


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