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In the shadowed realm of the Resurrectionists faction, where the boundary between life and death is but a whisper, the keyword "Transmortis" resonates like a somber melody. Within this enigmatic world, two groups step into the spotlight: the Students of Viscera and the Students of Sinew.

Masters of the morbid and skilled in the anatomy of both life and death, the Students of Viscera hold a sinister fascination with the inner workings of existence. With meticulous precision, they explore the intricacies of anatomy and the macabre arts, invoking a haunting symphony that bridges the gap between life and decay. In their presence, bodies become puzzles waiting to be unraveled, and their mastery over the morose grants them dominion over both the living and the departed.

Bearing a profound connection to the essence of vitality itself, the Students of Sinew are adept at weaving the fabric of life's threads. With each touch, they manipulate the forces that define existence, breathing life into forgotten forms or unraveling the living essence. Their actions reverberate with a power that transcends the natural order, intertwining sinew and spirit in a dance that defies the boundaries of life and death.

In the tapestry of Resurrectionist power, the "Transmortis" keyword signifies a mastery over the spectrum of existence. The Students of Viscera and the Students of Sinew embody the quintessential aspects of this theme. They are the architects of a narrative where life and death dance as partners, and where the boundary between the two becomes blurred.

With each move and each incantation, the Students of Viscera dissect the hidden truths of the corporeal world, while the Students of Sinew channel the pulse of vitality itself. In their symphony of necromancy, the "Transmortis" keyword becomes a bridge between realms—a reminder that the Resurrectionists' power extends beyond the realms of the living and the dead, embracing the intricate dance that is the very essence of Malifaux's enigmatic narrative.


  • Students of Viscera x2
  • Students of Sinew x3


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