Stormraven Gunship

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Stormraven Gunship

The Stormraven Gunship is a highly versatile multirole aircraft found in the Adeptus Astartes Armory. The Stormraven can function simultaneously as an armored transport, an orbital dropship, and an attack aircraft. This aircraft is smaller than the larger and more common Thunderhawk gunship used by the Adeptus Astartes since the Great Crusade, and thanks to its array of vectored engines, the Stormraven is also much more maneuverable in flight.

The Stormraven's impressive speed and maneuverability combined with the superhumanly precise skills and reaction times of her Space Marine crew allows the aircraft to effortlessly dodge enemy intercept fire and maneuver at full thrust through the crowded towers of a beehive city or through the mega-fauna a jungle-covered death world.

The Stormraven can carry up to twelve Power Armored Space Marines and even up to six Assault Marines in her armored squad room, although her jump packs take up half of the interior space. The aircraft can also carry an Astartes Dreadnought via external grapples. If a Stormraven is destroyed in transit, the dreadnought can often survive and be later salvaged by the Chapter's Techmarines. The Stormraven can carry six Terminators.

Stormraven gunships charge into battle with guns blazing, flak whipping around them as they rake the enemy with bolts, blasts and warheads. More resembling a flying tank than a conventional DropShip, the Stormraven is the most versatile aircraft in the Adeptus Astartes' arsenal. Fast, agile, resilient, with amazing firepower and significant hull capacity, the Stormraven can fill many different roles, but heavily armed transporter is the most important of its abilities. The gunship's troop bay is spacious enough to accommodate even massive Centurion warsuits or jump pack-carrying Assault Marines.

Meanwhile, the Stormraven's cargo claws can carry a dreadnought straight into the heat of battle, and its motor turbines are so powerful they can still keep the gunship aloft even with the significant extra weight. However, this heavy gunship can also compete in dogfights with the dedicated battleships of other intelligent races.

Thanks to its array of vectored engines, the Stormraven Gunship is quite agile and capable of a variety of high-speed manoeuvres. Ground attacks are within its capabilities, as the Stormraven has a wide arsenal of infantry and anti-tank firepower. Whether it's knocking out enemy planes from the air, sending forces into a white-hot war zone, or obliterating the enemy with thunderous punitive attacks, the Stormraven has proven itself in all aspects of aerial warfare.

Unusually heavily armed and armored for an aircraft of its size, the Stormraven's firepower can match or even surpass even the Empire's most powerful main battle tanks. The Stormraven was often referred to as the flying Land Raider. The Stormraven is armed with a set of fuselage-mounted, double-linked heavy bolters, a servitor-controlled, back-mounted set of two linked assault cannons, and wing mounts capable of carrying up to four Stormstrike armor-piercing missiles.

The aircraft can further increase its firepower by fitting side sponsor-mounted Hurricane bolters when its pilot is ready to block the aircraft's flank access points. The Stormraven can replace its hull-mounted 2-bar heavy bolters with either a set of 2-bar multi-meltas or a single Typhoon missile launcher. The vehicle's rear turret-mounted weapons can be replaced with either dual-linked plasma cannons or a pair of dual-linked laser cannons.

Stormravens, belonging to the Blood Angels Chapter, replace their Stormstrike Missiles with their own Bloodstrike Missiles, and similarly the Gray Knights replace them with their own Mindstrike Missiles.

This kit contains a Stormraven Gunship, Flying Stem and Large Oval Base.

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jetzt weiß ich, warum man das Teil fliegender Landraider nennt, es ist einfach einer...

Daniel S., 10.02.2012 Verified purchase
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Ist bereits mein dritter Stormraven, 2 hab Ich für meine Bloodies den hier kriegen meine Knights.
3 Sterne weil das Teil ohne Massive UMbauarbeiten einfach mal hässlich ist, die Qualität stimmt aber an sich und sein Geld ist das Ding auch wert.
Spieltechnisch richtig eingesetzt ne Super Einheit.

Allerdings weiß ich imme rnoch nicht was sich GW beim Konzept gedacht hat... Wir machen das mal nach einer Faust (englisch Fist)... Gängige Abkürzung für Space MArines ist SM... Meine SM Fisten mal den Feind... Ich frage mich wirklich ob da keiner in der produktkonztrolle sitzt oder ob sich da einer nen Scherz erlaubt hat...

Egal der Bausatz an sich ist super, Passgenau und alle Waffenoptionen dabei, wer ihn also braucht sollte ihn sich holen, wie gesagt ich finde das man ihn stark umbauen muß damit er Optisch akzeptabel wird.

Frederik W., 11.02.2012 Verified purchase
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Mit den neuen Fliegerregeln der 6. Edition ein absoluter Brenner ;)

Wolfgang S., 27.08.2012 Verified purchase
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Einfach im zusammenbau, bemalung klappt bestens. Empfehlenswert mit der Chapterhouse Tru Scale Erweiterung.
Ein Schönes Modell, werden sicher noch zwei folgen

Mathias M., 15.09.2012 Verified purchase
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