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Stormfiends are insane hybrids of already terrible Rat Ogors using Skryre Arcano technology. Bought from the shapers while still pregnant, they are bio-enhanced with warpstone serums and enhanced with skin-fused armor plates.

Stormfiends overcome the greatest weakness unpowered Rat Ogors suffer from - that of a very small brain. This is accomplished through the cruel means of stitching atrophied "Brain-Skaven" directly to their backs. These hideous beings are fused with wires and hoses with their monstrous charges, their own bodies withering until they become little more than familiar spirits whose sole purpose is to guide the Stormfiends and channel their rage. This, combined with their phenomenal resilience, virtual immunity to pain, and shield-breaking strength, makes them a true terror.

The Stormfiends are armed with an arsenal of spectacularly destructive weapons. They can be armed with Ratling Cannons capable of throwing down a screeching hail of hot warp lead bullets. Those with Warpfire Projectors shoot streams of green-black flame across great distances. In comparison, Stormfiends wielding Doomflayer Gauntlets crush their foes in melee combat with huge motorized iron balls and rows of whirling blades. Those wielding Shock Gauntlets transform into walking lightning generators, blasting deadly energies in all directions to devastate anyone lucky enough to stand nearby, while those wielding Grinderfists combine the ability to pierce through the bedrock of the to tunnel through the battlefield and attack from unexpected directions, with the ability to rip through armor, flesh, and bone with hideous efficiency.

Each of the miniatures has the option to equip them with a pair of the following weapons: Ratling Cannon, Warp Drill Fists, Thing Shredder Fists, Shock Fists, Warp Burners, Venom Wind Fists.

The Skaven Stormfiends kit contains 101 components and is supplied with three 50mm x 50mm monster bases.


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