Stormfang Gunship Stormwolf

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The Stormfang Gunship

The Stormfang is a type of specialized gunship used by the Space Wolves.

For the Space Wolves, the Stormfang Gunship is the last word in air superiority. Designed to rule the skies in the manner of Fenris's dreaded ice vortexes, a Stormfang's ferocious armament reflects the fighting qualities of the Space Wolves themselves. A Helfrost destroyer runs alongside each of these deadly assault ships - a formidable weapon that can freeze the target area to absolute zero in the blink of an eye. Even notoriously unyielding materials such as ceramite, ferrocrete, or the Eldar ghost bone cannot withstand the thermal shock of a crash to such base temperatures, and shatter under the icy touch of the lance beam. Most Stormfang pilots boast of the deadly firepower at their disposal and mark their ships with lists of their fallen foes.

In addition to the Helfrost Destructor, the Stormfang is armed with sponson-mounted twin-barrel heavy bolters, Skyhammer missiles or multi-meltas and hull-mounted Stormstrike missiles or twin-barreled lascannons.

This multi-part plastic kit makes one Stormfang Gunship. It is equipped with a Helfrost destructor that stretches along the hull. This formidable weapon is designed to freeze the target to absolute zero in the blink of an eye. The two side sponsons can be equipped with a choice of two-section heavy bolters, Skyhammer missiles or two-section multi-meltas. On the hull you can either mount two Stormstrike missiles or replace them with a double-linked laser cannon.

The Stormfang has an access point at the rear of its hull that serves as a carriage for up to six Space Wolves. There's also a wealth of iconography to customize your Stormfang Gunship with, including shields, pelts, and hanging chains.

This kit can also be assembled as a Stormwolf Assault Craft.


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