Stormcast Eternals Stardrake

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A Stardrake, also spelled Star Drake, is one of the powerful celestial children of the Godbeast Dracothion, the Great Drake. Although they resemble dragons in their reptilian appearance, they are actually celestial beings fashioned from magic and wielding mythical powers.

As old as the first stars, the star-dragons were unsurpassed in wisdom, unparalleled in righteous reason. Everything these heavenly creatures witnessed was in their hands.

They descend into the Mortal Realms during the most intense Starfalls, settling in the most remote mountains. As celestial beings, they feed on the rays of the stars, as well as creatures such as Stymphalions, Zephyr Griffins, Thundertusks, and Grigordons.

They also hunt Chaos creatures, but never feed on their corrupted forms. They do not die like mortals, but return to heaven to be reborn.

The relationship between Dracoths and Stardrakes is unknown; Some scholars believe that they are both children of Dracothion, while other sages believe that Dracoths are immature Stardrakes that will eventually return to Heaven to complete their metamorphosis.

Sigmar and Dracothion's decision to pair Men and Stardrakes as a powerful fighting force was very wise. The merging of the two races should have deeper implications than just creating a powerful battlefield formation. Long before humanity first emerged from the primordial seas of the Mortal Realms, the Stardrakes upheld the laws of order.

The coming of Chaos angered the noble star beasts, a cursed evil that must be abolished. But again and again her purest reason was defeated.

Here the children of Dracothion could learn from young humanity. Mission. Trust. Her sheer stubbornness and unyielding will in the face of the most hopeless odds.

There was a spirit and a vitality in humanity - traits that were amplified a hundredfold in Sigmar's Stormcast Eternals. Together, Men and Stardrakes could triumph where all others had failed.

The Stardrake itself is an impressively large model that can be built with two different shoulder armor designs, featuring variants of the Hammer, Lightning, and Comet iconography. Two head options allow you to build a roaring Stardrake or one with a tightly shut jaw. There is also the option to change the wing positions. The model stands on overgrown ruins.

This kit comes as 108 components, and is supplied with a Citadel 170mm x 105mm Oval base.


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