Stormcast Eternals Lord-Castellant

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The Lord-Castellants are the masters of defensive warfare, watching over their Stormcast brethren in the warm light of their magnificent lanterns. The purifying aura of golden light protects and heals wounded Stormcast Eternals with celestial energies, and loyal Gryph-hounds tear to shreds any enemy foolish enough to get too close.

This multi-part plastic kit includes everything you need to build a Lord-Castellant and a Gryph-hound. The Lord-Castellant is armed with a Castellant's Halberd and holds a protective lantern. He wears unique armor that is ornately decorated all over. His trusty Gryph-hound has a spiked collar and fearsome beak, perfect for shredding the enemies of order.

Includes two Citadel round bases (40 mm).


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