Stormcast Eternals Knight-Azyros

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Wherever the light of the Knights-Azyros shines, there too the almighty Sigmar can see. These are the heralds and messengers of the Stormhost, the master scouts and recon leaders of the Strike Chambers. The vanguard of Sigmar's Storm, where they fly the lightning will surely follow them...

Soaring on wings of light, a Knight-Azyros soars across the battlefield like an avenging angel. He wields a sparkling Starblade - a sword that shines and shimmers. In its other hand, a Knight-Azyros carries a celestial beacon. When this lamp is open, the searing light of the sky itself pours out—rays unlike the golden rays of a Lord-Castellant's guardian lantern.

For those who are loyal in deed and thought to Almighty Sigmar, the beam of the heavenly beacon is a marvel to behold. Multicolored clouds of mist and the glow of innumerable stars twinkle before their eyes. It is just a very brief glimpse of the all-encompassing cosmos, its rays of divine enlightenment, the sparkling splendor of every star that ever was. For very few of Sigmar's enemies, it's quite a different matter...

A burning light. Pain piled on pain. Pain that becomes an agony so unbearable that death would be welcome in its place. And they suffer only a fraction of what a servant of the forces of chaos endures. To them, demons or corrupted mortals, the sight of the light of the heavenly beacon is an agony beyond even their Dark Gods' imagination. In writhing spasms of unbearable purity, they wriggle, smolder and dissolve into billows of smoke, a final nothingness scattered by the slightest wind.

As part of a Strike Chamber's relief force, a Knight-Azyrosis is deployed where its Lord-Celestant sees fit. Most of the time, this is the tip of the spear for a Stormhost attack, because where the Knight-Azyros flies, Sigmar can throw his divine bolts more easily there too. Messengers in the darkness of the realms, Knights-Azyros search for former allies and bring light to regions where even the gaze of the divine Sigmar cannot penetrate.

With this 26-part kit you can build a Knight Azyros, which stands on a 50mm base.


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