Stormcast Eternal Annihilators

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Stormcast Eternals Annihilators

Annihilators are a new generation of Paladins. Built like a granite pillar and protected by heavy Thunderstrike armor, they are summoned when Sigmar decides a target must be forgotten.

Annihilators are chosen from among paladins who have endured the mounting struggles against all odds, even as their minions were wiped out. Sigmar and Grungni recognized these Thunderstripe armored warriors and remade them with secret rites under the glow of Azyrite comet showers.

Unlike other Stormcast Eternals, Annihilators do not descend from Lightning, but charge through rifts created by storm magic. They are often given the honor of being first to engage in melee combat, and as the momentum of the attack builds, two flare tails will begin to form behind them until they can shatter the enemy battle line through impact alone. After their energy is depleted, they become sluggish and slow, but by then they have already engaged in melee combat. The celestial energy released with each strike of their hammers is channeled back into the armor, which can also absorb the energy released by slain Stormcasts. Therefore, if the immediate enemy is shattered, they would launch another meteor attack.

Annihilators are armed with either a Meteoric Hammer and shield or a huge two-handed Meteoric Grandhammer. Their weapons and shields are made of enchanted meteorite rock while clad in the thickest Thunderstrike plate.

This multi-part plastic kit comes as 56 components with which to make three annihilators with meteor hammers and shields. Each miniature can also have a helmeted or bareheaded head. Alternatively, you can build them as Heavy Meteor Hammer Annihilators.

This kit also includes the option to build a First Annihilator. This kit contains three Citadel 50mm Round bases. These miniatures come unpainted and require assembly - we recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel Paints.


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