Sternguard Veteran Squad

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Honor the battle-hardened veterans of the Space Marines with the Sternguard Veteran Squad – a unit comprised of warriors with years of dedicated service, wielding the finest boltguns and combi-weapons known to the Imperium. This multi-part plastic kit empowers you to assemble a squad of five elite Veterans, each armed and equipped to suit your strategic vision.

Within this kit, you'll have the freedom to customize your Sternguard Veterans with a selection of Sternguard boltguns or combi-weapons. Whether you prefer the precision of boltguns or the versatility of combi-weapons, the choice is yours. With finely tuned weaponry at their disposal, these veterans are masters of their craft, capable of delivering precision firepower and turning the tide of battle with each devastating shot.

But the kit doesn't stop there. It introduces the pyrecannon heavy weapon as a formidable option for your Sternguard Veterans. This incendiary weapon embodies the cleansing fire of the Emperor's wrath, turning heretics and xenos alike into ash. With this heavy weapon in your arsenal, you'll have the means to unleash a torrent of flames upon your enemies, reducing them to smoldering ruins.

Additionally, the kit includes a back banner, a symbol of honor and valor that proudly displays the unit's allegiance and heraldry. This banner is a testament to the Sternguard Veterans' unwavering commitment to the Imperium.

Assemble your Sternguard Veteran Squad and lead them into battle, knowing that they are neigh instoppable and capable of overcoming any challenge that the galaxy may present. These veterans are the embodiment of experience and dedication, and with their finely tuned weaponry and indomitable spirit, they will secure victory for the Emperor and the Imperium.


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