Steel Phalanx Expansion Pack Alpha

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In the shadowy realms of covert operations and high-stakes conflict, it becomes a daunting challenge to determine who truly holds the title of the most dangerous. Two formidable contenders emerge, each with their own unique brand of lethality, and they are not to be underestimated.

First, we have the enigmatic Tactical Hacker Scylla, a figure shrouded in mystery. Scylla is a master of cyber warfare, capable of infiltrating and manipulating the digital underpinnings of her adversaries' systems. Her formidable skills are often complemented by the unwavering loyalty of her trusty DevaBot, a potent technological companion. Together, they form a symbiotic partnership, blending human ingenuity with cutting-edge technology to strike fear into the hearts of those who dare to challenge them.

On the other side of the spectrum, we have the fearsome Nesaie Alkê, a commanding presence in her own right. She leads a relentless force of Thorakitai, soldiers who are renowned for their unwavering determination and unstoppable resolve on the battlefield. These elite warriors are the embodiment of precision and discipline, and under Nesaie Alkê's leadership, they become an indomitable force that charges forward with unyielding ferocity.

In a showdown between Scylla and her DevaBot and Nesaie Alkê with her Thorakitai, it's a clash of distinct strengths. Scylla wields the power of the digital realm, capable of disabling, disorienting, and disrupting her foes from behind the scenes. Meanwhile, Nesaie Alkê's Thorakitai are a physical force to be reckoned with, bearing down on their enemies with relentless physical prowess.

Ultimately, the answer to who is most dangerous may depend on the nature of the conflict and the specific challenges at hand. In the multifaceted world of intrigue and warfare, both Scylla and Nesaie Alkê bring their own unique forms of peril to the battlefield, making them formidable adversaries in their own Right.

This box includes 3 miniatures:

  • one Scylla Hacker
  • one DevaBot with Heavy Flamethrower
  • one Nesaie Alkê with Spitfire.

The perfect support for your Steel Phalanx Fireteams, adding extra firepower to your ALEPH force from Operation: Blackwind.


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