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Within the expansive realm of Materia, a fierce struggle unfolds as two formidable factions vie for dominion over those who yearn for peaceful existence within their cities. The Pirate Syndicate, a profit-driven conglomerate, relentlessly seeks to amass influence by exploiting the ostensibly "honest" merchants. Their formidable Queen Pirate, an enthusiast of swift vessels, particularly favors The Dreadnought, renowned as the fastest craft across Materia's expanse, employing it to assert dominance over the ethereal sea of clouds.

Contrastingly, The Great British Empire stands as a monarchial regime, firmly in control of the majority of the known city-islands. The Governor of the seven seas, acting as the king's right hand, wields unparalleled authority. He derives immense pleasure from enforcing the Empire's laws, often dispatching his formidable Flying Fortress to quell contraband-dealing pirates and assert the Empire's might.

In the immersive world of Steam Pirates, each player undertakes the construction of their own piracy-focused trading network. This endeavor involves the trade of four distinct types of goods: coal, rum, firearms, and automatons. The ultimate objective is to exploit the expansive "open" market, leveraging the sale of your goods while skillfully maneuvering your frigate. The aim is twofold: to unearth untapped markets and forge alliances with newfound resourceful comrades, all in pursuit of power and prosperity.


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