Starship Room

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"Hear the metallic hum of these empty halls."

Get ready to take your tabletop gaming to new heights with the versatile Starship Room kit. With its dual purpose design, this modular gaming board tile set is perfect for use in both skirmish games and Sci-Fi RPG settings.

Featuring a tiled floor with 25mm squares, this kit can be used as a map in your RPG adventures, allowing you to create intricate and immersive environments for your players to explore. And with its modularity, you can assemble it differently every time you play, keeping things fresh and exciting.

But that's not all - when used in conjunction with the Starship Hallway kit, you can create a complex building interior that is sure to challenge and engage your players.

Crafted from durable 3mm MDF, this kit is built to last and is suitable for use with 28-32mm scale miniatures. And while it may require assembly, we advise using PVA glue for the best results.

So why wait? Order your Starship Room kit today and elevate your gaming experience to the next Level!


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